Sunday, July 9, 2017 - 21:30

Béjart Ballet Lausanne

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t ’M et variations…
Choreography: Gil Roman
Music: Live on stage: Citypercussion – Thierry Hochstätter & jB Meier
Soundtrack: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
Costumes: Henri Davila
Lighting: Dominique Roman

Béjart fête Maurice
Choreography: Maurice Béjart
Direction: Gil roman
Music: Beethoven, Webern, Heuberger, The Residents, Rossini, Duke Ellington,
Le Bars, Jewish, Indian, African and Pygmy traditional music
Costumes: Henri Davila
Lighting: Dominique Roman

t ’M and variations…
Béjart celebrates Maurice

In 2017 it is 30 years since the Béjart Ballet Lausanne was founded and 10 years since Maurice Béjart died. On this occasion, his successor Gil Roman and his company are presenting a series of new performances.

t ’M and variations…

Ten years since Maurice Béjart died, Gil Roman gives us news of his company, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. With this new creation, which opens the 30th BBL anniversary commemorations, the artistic director shows a ballet where the steps are words addressed to Maurice. Page after page, in the form of a diary, an intimate relationship, t ‘M et variations… is a series of variations on the theme of love and the interior necessity of the dance. A radically fascinating choreography, a chronicle of a feast day full of colours and arabesques. A show of pure sensations. Brilliant and bewitching!

"t ‘M et variations... is Maurice's legacy as I see it, and as it continues to live thanks to this organisation , The Company." Gil Roman

Béjart fête Maurice
(Béjart celebrates Maurice)

Always original, the company pays homage to the master through a ballet made up of extracts from his choreographies. A series of interlaced pas de deux and extracts from larger ballets, Béjart fête Maurice is intended as a light rhapsody, a celebration, a ceremony. Barefoot pas de deux, duos on pointes, eloquent characters, mythical or unknown extracts, tell of an era, an artist, Maurice Béjart, who dreamed big, thought large, was not afraid to embrace, or to hug too much! Put together by Réunis in exactly the same way as a recital, a festive show, a light encounter, these fragments of ballets celebrate the meaning of the Béjart show and the performers. Neither an anthology, nor a demonstration, a show for the pure pleasure of the dance!

"I put together a series of extracts, in exactly the same way as one prepares a party. Or as one composes a song recital, a festive show, a light encounter.» Gil Roman

crédit photo : ©LaureN Pasche